Who are we?

Historical Overview

Antoine A. SAAD law firm has been operating since 2002.
It was founded by Dr Antoine A. SAAD holder of Ph.D in public law from the Lebanese university.
Dr SAAD has gained a large experience in real-estate, gas and oil, commercial law by establishing many companies of all kinds, by being the legal consultant for oil and real-estate companies and by being the consultant of many high officers (ambassadors, general managers).

Our Office Now

With six attorneys, (three, of counsel) our law firm is a full service law firm, able to handle almost all of the legal matters presented to it by its clients.
The service includes Financial Services Law, International Investments, International Trade, Investment Law, Joint Ventures, Land Use and Zoning, Licensing Law, Litigation, Mediation, Property Law, Real Estate, Taxation, Immigration Law.
Our clients are mainly Petrol companies and real-estate ones.

Our Objectives & Mission

Often the solutions to meet your objectives require a grasp of legal and technical issues in a broad range of legal concentration.
To that end, we are more than a collection of lawyers.
We are colleagues who consult each other, rely on each other, create a solution and take the time to understand the results you are trying to accomplish.
Throughout the process, we work within the budgetary constants of each client.


Antoine A. SAAD is the founder of SAAD law firm. He holds a PhD in public law from the Lebanese University and is a professor of public and financial law in the Lebanese University.
Antoine A.SAAD has been a legal consultant for the government and official administrations as well as for private entities. He has established many companies of all kinds. He is the legal consultant for oil and real-estate companies and for some high officers (ambassadors, general managers). He is also the legal consultant for joint-stock, limited liability and off-shore companies. He has a wide experience in filing all kinds of actions before the judicial and administrative courts and before the arbitration councils. He has won tens of appeals before the Council of State and some sentences he rendered were published in the public law magazine in France (R.D.P.). He is a member of the maronite league since September 2010 and a member of the league's specialized committee for Constitutional and Legal Affairs.

Diploma and degrees

  • 1990 – 1994
    Bachelor of Law from La Sagesse High Law Institute.
    Thesis to obtain the bachelor of law entitled: "Cancellation Of Contract".
  • 1998:
    State diploma in public law from the Lebanese University.
  • 2002
    Master's thesis in administrative law to obtain the state diploma in public law from the Lebanese University.
  • 2007
    Ph.D. in public law from the Lebanese University.
  • 2008
    University Professor.

Books and publications


Me. Antoine A. SAAD has published a broad range of articles in local newspapers and legal researches periodicals. He is also a top notch lecturer who participated in many conferences and gave lectures in specialized forums and media interviews.

Law Projects

  • "Draft law of parliamentary elections"