Commercial & Corporate

SAAD Law Firm is known for handling commercial and corporate cases. We understand well the need of the business community nowadays and we offer a wide range of legal advices on commercial transactions and undertakings.

We have a significant expertise in joint venture, joint-stock, limited liability and off-shore companies. We assist our clients in building commercial entities for their businesses and we always make sure to keep them updated with any change in the commercial field.

Real Estate

With the rapid real-estate growth, SAAD Law Firm concentrates on offering its clients legal advices on property transactions (buying, selling and mortgaging lands), rental and leasing matters, acquisition and management of commercial and residential properties.

We assist real-estate development companies and projects.
We help our clients to develop business relationships with the governmental and public entities.
We assist them in establishing real estate ownership and regulations completing all procedures.
We also assist in solving disputes related to the real estate development and construction.
Our clients are investors, contractors and private parties.


SAAD Law Firm is known to provide high quality, winning and cost-effective solutions in litigation issues (commercial, financial, real-estate, criminal and administrative).

We have a wide experience in litigation matters but we always encourage the resolution of disputes through mediation without the expenses of litigation.

Our attorneys have a good expertise in all civil, commercial and administrative courts in Lebanon.

They are good negotiators and have a good reputation in mediation and arbitration so that they can confidently assist our clients in resolving their disputes.


SAAD Law Firm has a broad experience and practice of tax law.
We provide our clients with tax planning for their businesses, real-estate properties and commercial entities.
We offer the most efficient tax advices and analysis tailored to each client's needs.
We also offer elaborated international tax planning with tax optimization.
Our attorneys have a significant expertise in the Lebanese tax law and they have a wide experience in applying this law to areas like inheritance, real-estate, commercial business.

Gas & Oil

SAAD Law Firm has a reputation for offering high quality legal advices for petroleum businesses.
We assist our clients in building gas and oil projects and managing existing projects and installations.
Our clients are petroleum companies.

Public Law

SAAD Law Firm has a significant experience in resolving conflicts that may arise between the private sector and the governmental institutions.

We have a wide expertise in assisting our clients with a variety of administrative formalities helping them in their business development in relation with the governmental departments.
In addition, we act as a link between our clients and the official authorities.

Labor Law

SAAD Law Firm has a wide expertise in dealing with labor and employment matters and litigations. We offer legal advices and resolutions to disputes that may happen in some areas of employment law (employment termination, contractual matters, discrimination, enforcement, share-related and benefits issues). In addition, our attorneys have a significant experience in negotiating settlements between corporations, the ministry of Labor, the national social security fund and employees and in preventing future conflicts that may arise.